Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The UIGEA has reared its ugly head in MA

Here we go....can you all say 'yay' to nanny-state and nanny-government! Can you say 'hooray' for holier-than-thou politicians!

Edit : This made my day though...great tourney by Josie...the 'Very Josie' You should play the 'Very Josie' at 9:00 PM ET before 'The Mookie' at 10:00 PM ET on Wednesday nights!

I got the bounty!!!!! Crazy heads up play with the Memphis Mojo as well GG sir!

This is an automated message sent from Full Tilt Poker.
   Your Player ID:   DDionysus
   From Player ID:   veryjosie
   Date and Time:    2010-06-02 23:42:30
   Transfer Number:  XXXXXXXX
   Amount:           $5.00
   Status:           PROCESSING 



Josie said...

Fuck! Okay so you have $5 of my money. Cherish it for now cuz I WILL GET IT BACK.

Josie said...

Damn!! Looks like you've been on a heater too...and i may have said this before but i LOVE the pics at the top of the blog.

PokahDave said...

Mookie himself created that little blog header. He used to make them for people who knocked him out of his tourney....even got the lefty guitar like mine....

PokahDave said...

word verification was : lavid which = lefty david...right? said...

Absolute disgrace the nanny state keep sticking their noses in, we just wanna play. I'm beginning to think theres some kind of conspiracy going on here.