Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday Spewday

That's right folks....a couple of new tourneys to pimp. Tonight is 'tuesday spewday' and was setup but none other than LJ  here are the details :

"here's the info, it's two tournaments, one regular MTT at 9pm EST and a super turbo KO at 9:15pm ET. password for both is spewday. (no period)"

Tournament #174055893 07.27.10 21:00 ET - 3000 chips
Tournament #174065188 07.27.10 21:15 ET - Super Turbo KO

Did I mention that this was on Full Tilt Poker?
Anyway....I came...I spewed.....on Tuesday Spewday......OK that didn't sound right but it was fun anyway.....

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