Saturday, March 26, 2011

ChopChop Recap 2

It was still only 10:30 after the 60/60 chop. I decided to jump in on a 40.00 SitNGo. Again..horrible structure but I'll go with it. You get 2000 chips for 40 bucks and the blinds start at 50-100 but go up every 15 may even be every 10 minutes. There are 10 players and it is usually a push fest after 30 minutes. That is unless you almost triple up like I did in the first 10 minutes. First the table players. Me in the one seat next to the dealer. To my left is a guy who is in a bad mood..a curmudgeon if you will. Next to him is Some guy who may be the curmudgeons friend. They seem to be messing around with each other a lot early. Next to him is a guy who appears to be a Scandi. He may have had an accent but I knocked him out early with my Sandi-like hand. Next to him was a young baseball hat on backwards kid. I have played here 3 times in the last year or so and he has been at the table every time. Next to him is a Dominican guy from Lawrence. Next to him is another baseball hat on backwards kid who is so stoned he can hardly keep his eyes open. Next to him is a black Dominican dude from Lawrence, Next to him is an Asian guy and next to him is a young 20-something girl.
So a couple of hands in I am in the BB. I have Kh-2d. Everybody limps in. I check and the flop had K-2h-8h. Nice flop for me. I bet 200 since the Blinds were 50-100. There were probably 6 callers. The turn was another 2! This time I bet 750. There must have been a couple of flush draws out there even though I Kh myself. Either that or someone hit their set because two people called the 750! An incredible Ah fall on the river. I throw the rest of my chips in about 1,000 and the Scandi calls quickly...I guess I know who had the best flush draw. The other guy folds. A huge pot slides my way and the BB special puts me at well over 6,000 chips. That's the only way to win these things. The curmudgeon to my left continues to call and push and mutter under his breath. He survives a while until I take him out. I forgot the hand but I had a set to his A-x. There was an ace paired. He walks away but in the next hour he walks past the table muttering and flailing his arms. He was so pissed off at life. No idea what the problem was but I think that the play at the table was not really what was bothering him. One of the baseball hat on backwards kids was racking up some chips. He knocked out the Dominican guy from Lawrence and the Asian guy. I got into with the 20-something girl on a couple hands I knocked he out on the second one. The first one was an attempted steal by me. I had pocket 10's and an ace flopped. I bet out a half pot sized bet...She called. A rag card fell and she pushed on the turn and she pushed. I folded. The other hand I had against her I had Kx-Qx and she pushed preflop...the Blinds were huge already so I called...she had pocket 4's. I hit a K on the flop and she was all done. She swore under her breath and left the table in a huff. Pretty soon there were only 4 of us left and the last one to get knocked out was the black Dominican dude from Lawrence.
The last three at the table were me, the baseball hat on backwards kid and the stoned baseball hat on backwards kid. We pushed stacks around until the stoned kid got knocked out. It was almost 12:00 so the other kid wanted to chop and get into another SitNGo. I said no and pushed a bunch of times within 10 minutes. We evened stacks out and then decided to chop....he ran to the next SitNGo. I hate to give up on the 190.00 first prize chopping 110.00 apiece wasn't bad either. I tipped the dealer and made my way out for a nice profit on the night.


Josie said...

Congrats on the cash. Very nice write up. I predict we split someday too.

The Neophyte said...

Well done sir, congrats on a nicely profitable evening. It's always nice to have those. Thanks for the book tip as well, I'm gonna look for that Snyder book now. I think the Navarro one is very good as well.