Saturday, March 19, 2011


I went to a wake for a relative on Friday. While that was not fun it was good for my sister and I to meet there and express our condolences to a distant relative. Thank god for my sister....she's much more talkative and better in those situations.
So...anyway the wake was in Methuen...right near my old stomping grounds at Rockingham Park. I was out of the wake at about 6:30 and The 'Rock' was calling. I got there in a couple of minutes and bought right into a 60-60 rebuy/addon. No details yet but I agreed to a deal with the final four of us and viola!

There is 5 hundo there so that was nice. It was about 10:30 after that so I decided to jump into one of their 40.00 dollar SitNGo's....guess what....I chopped that with the other guy heads up as well for another 110.00...not bad. Although the structures of the tourneys are awful it's still fun to get up there once in a great while and get into a push-fest. I'll probably do a more detailed post later.


Josie said...

Nice cash dude. Congrats! Next time you go drop me an email!!!

lightning36 said...

wtg, Dave! Nice ROI for the night!