Monday, November 21, 2011


When I get to Vegas for the WPBT there will certainly be some rust. I have played a total of 4 times live since Black Friday. Three times I played tournaments and once I went to Mohegan Sun for a bachelor party and got in a couple of hours of cash games. Rusty is putting it lightly. I'm obviously playing the WPBT open Winter Classic but I'm not sure how many other tourneys I'll be playing if any. I will entertain a turbo/bounty type tourney though...I did pretty well on those before the Big Black Friday smack down. Apparently I am teaming up with Lightning36 and Yestbay for the last longer bet. I have a feeling we'll have a humorous name for our team. It's only 11 days away.......
I should be arriving at the Imperial Phallus...I mean the Imperial Palace around 12 noon on Friday. I wouldn't mind seeing a good band that weekend....any suggestions?


OhCaptain said...

Steel Panther can be a good time, but the Green Valley Ranch is a bit of cab ride + you have to bust out of the tournament earlier enough to make it.

Looking forward to meeting you! I'll be at the IP on Thursday. Let me know when you get to town.

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