Monday, November 28, 2011


I am going this year...I am playing in the WPBT winter classic this year....and of course I am going to win said tournament this year. OK?
1. I would like to see the pinball H.O.F
2. I would like to know if anybody wants to eat/drink at the 'Hoffbrau House'.
3. I will take my WPBT winnings in 100's and 20's please.
4. I hope to win the last longer challenge with one Lightning36 and Yestbay....(with a team name like Imperial could we lose?).
5. That is all.
edit : I just got 'Jack Tripper stole my dog'...and I will have read and enjoyed it by the time I get to Vegas. Sweet!

Edit : I found the Hammah! Given to me I believe by Iggy 4 years ago at the Friday night meetup at MGMGrand. Obviously this bodes well for the WPBT Winter Classic!!!!


Josie said...

I'm so excited for you! (except the part about going to the pinball museum) Pinhead, you are going to Vegas! Surely there are more exciting things to do and see.

I insist on you winning the winter classic and carrying old man Lightbulb and your team.

Goooo Pokah Dave - you better go back next year btw, because I've decided I'll be going in 2012.

lightning36 said...

6. We'll talk about Josie

word verification: hugge

PokahDave said...

It's the 10th time i've been to's not like you can spend every second at the tables. This is a little vacation for me...

OhCaptain said...

Pinball HoF is fun. Let me know if you find a time to go. I'd also recommend the Gamblers Book Store if it's still next door. Also The Neon Museum is cool, I'm going there 2 PM on Friday. I'd like to check out Gold & Silver Pawn (Pawn Stars) and/or the Nuclear Testing museum.

I have a camera and plan on using it.

Josie said...

That's a big thumb you've got there Dave, and you know what they say about big thumbs....i'm just saying.

Actually, do you know what they say? It's a fact that a man's penis is 3 times the length of his thumb.

gl at tbe wpbt Big Thumbs!

PokahDave said...

What more can I say...