Thursday, December 08, 2011

WPBT weekend Part 1

I got up at 4:15 AM and drove to Manchester airport in N.H....parked the car and was good as gone at 7:00AM on Friday.

Isn't this the John Lithgow/Twilight Zone Movie freak out seat?

I arrived at 10:30 AM Vegas time...friend sent a text asking if I wanted to see the Allman Brothers at the Orpheum in Boston...."yes...but I just landed in Vegas" I sent..."fuck off...have a great fuck" sent back by friend.

I checked into the I.P. around 11:00...went up to my room...sat down on the bed and...fell asleep...I was tired!
Hooked up with John aka Lightning36 and Dave (I love the band YES)...aka Yestbay/Westbay to check out the Pinball H.O.F...promptly kicked ass on the KISS pinball and another couple called Kings and Queens and on the Family Guy one as well. Lightning got lucky on the Bubble-boy hockey when my left defenseman was rendered useless by a bum stick controller...he moved to this one when the other one was working fine. I think he has been here before and wanted the advantage...well there you go. We saw Iggy there with the girls....Caity, DawnSummers and April

After that we went to a cemetery.....why? to see some gravestones of course! Two was Redd Foxx and the other...none other than the greatest NLHE tournament player ever...Stu Ungar! Here are a couple of those pics...It seems like I took a lot of pics but I really didn't...the first day I did...the rest of the weekend...not so much.

That was at Palm East Cemetery or something similar to that name....was a couple of miles away from the Pinball H.O.F and since John rented a car...why not?
After this I realized how I didn't have anything to east since about 7:00 PM the night before...almost 24 hours!
We headed back the I.P. and went straight to the Hash House A-GoGo (I highly recommend this place for any meal...I got the was the best BLT I ever had bar none). I would go back many times during the weekend...I went long periods of time between meals for some reason.

8:00 :
We met back at the Geisha bar before going to Aria that night for some 1-3 NL and some Limit mixed games...couldn't get to the limit mixed so I played at the 1-3 NL game for most of the night. I was in the 1 seat. Kat was in the 2 seat for some of the time...then C.K. Brother of Luckbox in seat 4 (name escapes me at the moment..I remember you not being offended by Bro Of Luckbox so I must have filed that in my pickled brain)....C.J. the Luckbox in seat 5.....April in seat six....Falstaff (who also writes books..check 'em out)  in seat seven......a couple of people sat in seat 7 for a while...Joe Speaker (Congrats by the way on your news...I overheard) among others in seat 8....Lightning36 in seat 9 and Dave Westbay in seat 10 for a while. This table was a little crazy after an hour or two....after C.K. moved to my left in seat 2. "Pims cup!!" was repeatedly yelled. This looked like some kind Long Island Ice Tea with fruit. Somebody may have elaborated..."it looks like the stuff from the bottom of the sink after the dishes are gone"....or something like that. Whatever it was C.K. went on a tear....I saw many a suck out and a few people leaving the table...with no chips. I lost a semi-large pot with a raised A-Ko on the button...Falstaff called with A-9s....flop was 9x-9x-Kx...a few raises and a bad call by me on the end resulted in a lighter chip stack. Lightning took that stack a little while after of the many 500.00+ pots I saw the Lightbulb take this past weekend. I would get a lot of my chips back by hitting some cards later. I'll remember this table as the 'Pims-cup-Push' C.K. rolled over the table with a Crasian Steamroll. :-)

12:00 AM
Joined everybody at the bar at Aria after that...met (met again as I haven't been to the WPBT weekend since '07) lots of bloggers and twitterers formerly known as bloggers. Good times. I congratulated Pauly on his highly entertaining books (Jack Tripper Stole My Dog, and Lost Vegas buy and support the man like I did). I also talked to Kat for a moment and was impressed with the cover design on 'Jack Tripper...'. I talked to Drizztdj for a moment but he lost his voice...d'oh! I've been expanding my beer selection by getting on the website 'Untappd'. I mention that because StB08, Chilly (on the now defunct I.D.S.N), and OhCaptain joined and let me just say.....bloggers know beer. The WPBT weekend was in full force.
1:00 AM
Decided to head back towards the I.P. with Lightning and OhCaptain....I should have listened to Tim and went back to call it a night...but noooooooooooooooo. I decided to take what was left of my chips to 'Ballys' and play some 1-2 NL. Lightning walks through there like he owns the place...for good reason...because he runs good there. I was getting really tired by now....but I decided to sit in anyway. I witness another Lightning pot...he really ran great...especially at Ballys. I got felt'd when I got into with two other players...I flopped a flush draw and a straight draw and called and didn't hit. I think that was how it went down...maybe John can correct me. I decided to put my 23 hour day to bed at around 3:00 AM.


Josie said...

awesome recap. keep writing as i want to hear about day 2.

BamBam said...

You got in Friday and we STILL didn't hook up! For real?

Don't make me come down there!


PokahDave said...

Bammer...I was the fool who knocked out Pebs!

BWoP said...

Pimm's Cup:

This was after two glasses of pinot grigio (pre-dinner) and two gin and tonics and some cava and some other stuff I probably don't remember (at dinner).

So yeah, I was pretty much smashed when I showed up at the table.

PokahDave said...

I was impressed C.K. Make no little asI get out these days...was very impressed and had an epic time. Look forward to seeing and playing at the same table in the future..

lightning36 said...

Good thing we didn't bring any brews to the cemetery. It would have seemed even more awkward when we saw that grieving family.

Kicked yer azz in the table hockey. Blackhawks rule!