Monday, March 26, 2012

Breaking Even at the Rock

Went to Rockingham Park on Saturday was basically a last minute decision. I wanted to play the 80.00 Turbo that starts at 9:00PM...I usually make the final table. There is never more than 50 people playing it so after everybody settles down in the house I speed up to the Rock. I eventually busted out under the gun...for the second time in a row. This time I had the mighty 10-2o under the gun with 2 BB's (5k-10k) and the guy that called? Aces....unknown to me there was an agreement to take money off the payouts and give everybody at the final table at least there tourney fee back. Before that I had 8 BB's and the short stack at the table had K-6o and I had A-5o he pushed I called...K on the flop. Such as life in the turbos. I went to play a 40.00 SitNGo and came in 3rd just before after the gas, beer and a snack I basically break even. I did get out of the house for 3 hours but I always see the same people playing this tourney. I get Deja Vu every time. I need to go to Foxwoods soon....maybe Mohegan Sun....just to change it up. I haven't played any cash games since Vegas in December. Seems like a year ago...may as well be. I hardly ever play poker any more. I wonder where in Boston they will plunk down a casino...and when. It sure would be nice to jump on the train and go a few stops to a casino for a few hours. I don't miss playing online anymore...OK...maybe an occasional bloggament would be OK...but not until 1:30 AM on a Wednesday night....I just can't do that anymore.

On the plus side I have been going to the gym since January 15th. That's a whole 2 months! I haven't been in shape for 7 years. It sure does feel much better in every way to be nearing what some people would call "In shape". I still however suffer from the Poker Blues. The way I stave off the poker hunger is the following. I read a ton of books again....I go to the gym four times a week....I listen to a shit load of music again...I'm even thinking of picking up the guitar again. I've even started cooking some great food in the past year or so. Not just the average grilling recipes...some really good food. Somehow i've become addicted to cooking shows and shows about did that happen? I get up early on weekend days now (My kids are obviously better off with me not turning into a zombie in front of the PC every night). I guess after all this I have a question or two. What is everybody else doing now that they can't play online poker every night? If you are still playing every the hell are you doing that? Are you ever wondering if you are wasting your life playing so many hours online? Are you going to cash out before this April 15th...I would. I've even heard rumblings about PayPal dickin' around with peoples accounts because they think they are gambling with the funds on their accounts. You mean we can't even transfer money to each other on PayPal without worrying about this shit? Sounds crazy but it may be true. I wouldn't mind going to a home tourney or cash game. I just can't find any. If I can't do that there may be a Pool league in my future (after joining a club)...or even Golf! What is this outside-the-house activity? I'm in danger of becoming somebody who has too many hobbies.


Memphis MOJO said...

Breaking even for a fun night out is okay. Turbos are hit or miss, just the nature of the game (as you know).

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excellent post, thanks :)

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