Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Blogger Tournament? Online Poker? What is this?

PokerMeister  posted something I never thought I would see again. A free blogger type tourney with Bitcoin prizes....hmmmmm. I wonder what this could do to my poker-free life? Here is the site that will host the Blogger freeroll

So let's see if we can get some BitCoin at Seals with Clubs and create a new economy!


lightning36 said...

Get your butt there. I need some easy chips. : o )

Philip Jones said...

Honestly, I'm not an affiliate of that site, but I'm a fan of bitcoin poker. When bitcoin enters the online gambling, it seems that it changes the whole gaming action. The Bitcoin system allows fast and easy transactions--a certified no middle men network. Btw, I bet poker hand games at BetCoin™.

Chino Moreno said...

What is bitcoin poker, exactly?
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Blogger said...

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