Saturday, February 12, 2005

Empire Poker

Empire Poker is not different for ring basic poker and you will make money...I turned $100.00 into $250 in a matter of a few hours on the 2-4 limit and 1-3 limit tables. People get so mad when you decide to chase a hand..I had 10-Jc and a Q,2, 6 fell..somebody on the table bet 2...I decided to call and a Kd fell....that one player and I were the only ones left and he bet 4 so I figured why not call and Ad fell and i made a nut straight...I bet 4 and he called and then proceeded to freak out...."Keep chasing" he types...goes on and on..somtimes you chase...and it works out...I don't usually do that because I would lose money fast but drawing is OK once in a while....

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