Thursday, April 21, 2005

Online and local tourneys.....a good mix to test yourself

I've been playing on a few different sites for a little less than a year and a half and something has been missing...I couldn't quite put my finger on it....until I started to play local (VFW..hall type) NL Hold'em tournaments. So far I've played in 3 and placed in 1 of them (actually I tied for first as explained in my last post). This is great....for raising money for charity and sports or music programs. I have some friends that are thinking of having a poker tourney for a real good "cause"...I think their still in the planning stages...but it brings up the reality of : winning real money, donating to a good "cause" or charity (and getting a tax break because of it!), and actually getting "live" experience. I live to far away from Foxwoods and it's tough to play with any regularity in the Northeast.. so I can get my fill of playing against real people online or at a local Hall tourney. There is really no drawbacks to this....but there are some hilarious/ridiculous wannabe card players out there....I keep talking about recently famous card players that spawn clones that seem to appear every time the annual World Series of Poker is played in Vegas. This phenomenon is of course propagated by ESPN's coverage of those snapshot moments that make people famous and or infamous...classic case is Phil Hellmuth...but recently Chris Moneymaker and Josh Arieh. I'm telling you it's the greatest feeling in the world busting out these guys...It's not that I don't respect the actual famous card player but the clone/wannabe guys are so goddamn cocky. One of these guys actually walked up to the final table and announced "Man..If I knew the final table was going to look like this I would have played better!"....somebody at the table then shot back with "Hindsight it 20/20 buddy".....put him right in his place!

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