Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Poker Withdrawals.....

I'm already going through poker withdrawals...and my daughter hasn't even been born yet! The birth should be sometime in the next week...although it could be at any time! I was hesitant to go to the RedSox game last night but the wife bought tickets and insisted that I go...these tickets were about as far away from homeplate at Fenway Park as you could get...the Sox were up 8-3 in the third inning when my buddy and I took off to go drink some beers and get some food at a bar across the street from Fenway. That score didn't last long and the Orioles started to feast on the Boston bullpen...oh well...a trip to Fenway Park and drinking beers with a buddy is better than staring at my computer screen anyday...I have to say the amount of good looking women is astounding when you think about the normal sports's ridiculous but only a decade ago there were hardly any good looking women at a sporting event...where the hell am I going on this post...more meaningless ramble as usual. I guess I can still play poker online after the birth of my daughter but I'm going to have to play more ring games instead of tournaments...I win most of my money from ring games anyway...tourneys are so much fun but if your going to be time I surely will soon..ring games are the way to go....I have to say Party Poker is getting more and more popular...and they are adding more jackpot/bad beat type prizes...yeehaa..

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