Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Tuesday night tourney at the Lowell Brewery

I played another cheap tourney at the Lowell Brewery and got knocked out somewhere at 30 or 31 again...second tourney in a row (NLHE...50.00 20.00 unlimited rebuys for first hour).....this is their (Capone's poker) schedule The unlimited rebuys makes it a pretty wild tourney but to no avail. There was a 25.00 side STT tourney that I jumped into...with 5.00 bounty for whomever you knock out. I love the Sit'N'Go Single table tourneys online and do quite well on them so I jumped in with 9 other people. There were All-ins on really bad hands that were called fast...I sat back and waited for a great hand so the other guys would knock each other out and sure enough they did...I raised on the button with K-Jh...BAM! he whacks his hand on the table and goes all-in! with authority...I guess I was supposed to fold but I figured with 7 players left I'll call his small Pocket Pair...which is exactly what he had..7's...I catch a J on the flop and all of the sudden I'm sitting pretty on the Single table. I saw one guy not raise with pocket A's and after the flop he goes all-in but is promptly called..the guy to my right has J-7 for a two paired flop...knocks out the poor dude with A's...After playing solidly and building the biggest stack on the table I knock out the 3rd guy...we were already in the money at that point. The heads up match between me and the other guy was went on for about 20 minutes. I folded a couple of hands and we were showing each other the all-in hands after the other folded..pretty friendly..I finally got a pocket pair (my recently lucky 5's) and I went all-in and was promptly called with an A-K.."fuck" I thought...but they held up and I won the 100.00 first prize....thank god for the side action tables.....

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