Monday, June 20, 2005

Humorous short stories..

Saw a couple of old friends this weekend and the more things change the more they stay the same (I'm still great friends with my high school buddies even though we've spread out through the state of Massachusetts) :

We've been drinking buddies for years and he(we'll call him JMan to protect the innocent) has made a couple of the funniest quotes/ are a couple..

Back in high school we didn't have a place to party so we would get loaded and drive around in our cars..not good advice but we did it we're driving and getting loaded and we're pie-eyed by buddy who is driving by the way looks over at me and says "I'm so friggin' loaded I'm glad I'm not driving!"...I'm sitting in the passenger seat and I had to remind him that he in fact was driving at the time!!!

Last weekend (17 years removed from high school) we're having a few drinks at my other old high school buddies house (he basically has a sports bar or shrine to the Boston RedSox in his basement with pool table and stuff)....and we all have kids anyway I asked if he wanted a beer....I didn't know it but he was pouring himself a monster Jim Beam/with a splash o' coke drink...he looks over at me with this liver pickling concoction and says "I don't really see the point in drinking a beer anymore...ya know...does that sound bad?"....fucking hilarious. By the way his wife drove their whole family home so we have grown up a little bit.

Yet another buddy of mine from high-school calls up....he lives one town over from me....he calls and says that his wife bought him a keg-erator for father's day...I'm jealous...

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