Monday, September 05, 2005

I haven't felt like this since 9-11....

Here I am bitchin' about Pocket Aces getting cracked.....Hurricane Katrina certainly is the worst natural disaster in the U.S. in my lifetime. The thing that really hits home is when you hear about babies dying of dehydration...I can't imagine the grief. I made a donation to the Red Cross Hurricane disaster relief fund...I will also play some of the charity tourneys on PokerStars (DoubleDave) is my PokerStars name..come play won't you! I am also going to give blood this week at my place of work. If everybody did all these things or even some of them it would certainly help in the very least. I think that a lot of the blame may lie in the Governors lap for each of these states that were affected. There SHOULD have been an emergency response from the state governments and governor that was faster than the federal governments response. The president and the federal government are responsible for the overall effort not the immediate response...just my two cents on the subject. Lets hope that when they rebuild New Orleans and the other affected areas that they do it right. This is after all not the first time this kind of devastation has happened in these areas...especially New Orleans where a devastating flood has happened an average of 35-40 years.

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