Wednesday, October 19, 2005

What makes a good poker blog?

Things that make a good poker blog ( this has already been done before but hey..nobody said I was the most creative dude in the world) :
1. Total recall...or a good memory so you can document your Poker experiences good or bad. If you can't memorize it write it down! ((People who read blogs will probably be interested in the details).
2. Be honest with your opinions and stories (anybody could lie about something but it doesn't do you any good to lie to yourself).
3. Have an opinion! After all it is your blog!
4. Have a sense of Humor! (This may well be the most important thing about a poker blog or blog in general).
5. Always give credit for your references to people or other blogs (my whole blog is basically due to other blogs I read often).
7. Open yourself to criticism and be open to suggestion whether it be a strategy or opinion. This goes for Poker and life in general...if you don't know what's wrong you can't fix it!

ahhhhh...fuck it...I can't pretend to do this...I guess I'm not going to win a fleece from PokerStars because my list of things that make a great poker blog are like stating the obvious...go read this by Joe Speaker. I cannot and will not even try to top this one! While you're at it...check out the rest of the blogs under my "The Daily Reads" list and you will come to your own conclusion as to what makes a great poker blog!!!!!!!!!

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