Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm going to make everybody sick!!!

First I am going to bring home a contagious cold from Daycare! Then I'm going to give it to both mommy and daddy!! Then a week later I am going to get Conjunctivitis.....and also give that to mommy and daddy!! HEEHEEHEEEEE!! My plan has worked so far...oh yeah and I'm also starting the teething process...therefore I will start screaming for no apparent reason. But look how cute I am!! No one will suspect me and even if they did what can they do about it...HEHEHEEEE!! It's the perfect plan...I am going to have to thank my baby buddy Stewie from "the Family Guy" He has coached me to be the cutest little villain-girl yet! Supposedly daddy is going to play poker at Foxwoods on his birthday this Sunday....hmmmm...maybe I'll let him go without a guilty conscience this time...but only this time! I hope he wins a lot so he can buy me that new hat that covers up my little bald head.

I got this idea from Chilly at IDSN..I give him credit because I don't want him to sit on me!Posted by Picasa

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