Monday, November 07, 2005

Charity Tourney and other stuff

There was another poker club raided in the Northeast recently. They were playing for a seat in the World Poker Finals at Foxwoods. I think I'll play this charity tourney on Friday night...which I believe will also have a buy-in to the WPF for 1st prize.

On another note..I've been playing a ton of the low buy-in MTT's on PokerStars lately..placing in a bunch but just over the bubble..not near the real money at the final tables...

My EmpirePoker playing days may be over really soon...unless they give me the bonus that they advertised..I think it was for playing raked hands from 10/30-11/4. I probably played 600-700 hands and I don't see anything yet..better make it soon or I am moving my pathetic balance somewhere else!! This is probably the second such "phantom bonus" that they have offered recently and me thinks it has something to do with the impending PartyPoker takeover?! Let's hope that they get this done soon and good times will be had by all again.

I can't keep up with all the new Poker Blogs out there...there are so many with so much to offer...I wonder how many are from the New England area...shoot me an email at if you have one. I'm always looking for more poker/stuff to read.

I want to play all these Blogger tourneys that have been setup recently but the family commitments take precedence. I had to miss the Online Blogger Championship (folded my way to 650th or somewhere around that number) and other recent blogger tourneys. It would be cool to have one on Friday night at 9:30 (that's when the wife and baby are both sleeping). I got a chance to help my buddy drink his freshly reloaded keg-erator this I wish I had one of those. It is just so much easier than recycling cans/bottles and only needs to be reloaded every now and then.

This is pretty funny...the new hockey fans..

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