Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Foxwoods Trip Report

It’s much more fun to play a live game…especially when you’re drunk…and it’s your birthday! I was at Foxwoods on Sunday the 30th..And played until the 5:00AM on the 31st. I got a room with two beds and tried to upgrade to a suite to no avail. There were four of us there but I knew that I was going to be playing poker all night so by the time I got back to the room I was happy just to crash on the floor. I think I played a 9.5 hour session at a 1-2 NL table starting at 7:30PM. Let’s see if I can recreate the table by memory. I was sitting across from the dealer. To my left was a late 20’s dude that would say “raizzzzzzzzzzze” every time he got a hand. It was a slow controlled tone..The same “raizzzzzzzze” even when he bet…..some of the guys at the table were ribbing him when he bet and said “raizzzze”..They said “bettttttt” and started laughing hysterically…he didn’t think it was funny. He also didn’t think it was funny when I spilt my beer on my leg and splashed all over him…you see I was one of the “Drunk guys” at the table..After all it was my birthday and I was drinking a lot of beers. To his left was a young guy that had a decent chip stack that fluctuated a lot throughout the night..I was the reason that guy left the table when he went all-in and I called with two pair (that was about 3:00AM or so). He was a good kid but when I got there and announced to everybody that I only play on the internet (I sometimes do this to get some loose calls and they generally don’t respect internet players for some reason) and it was my first time playing live he snickered and looked to his left. To his left was another twenty-something guy that was somewhat excited to here me say “I’ve only played on the internet”. That guy was better than his friend on the right and he was there all night as well with a decent chip stack. He had a talent for putting people on hands like my Q’s when I threw out a large bet. To his left was one of my high school buddies younger brothers who is a 30 year old physical therapist/body builder and likes to gamble (well all my friends like to gamble but he’s the only one that is a poker player like myself). His chip stack fluctuated quite a bit and was down about 250.00 when we left at 5:00AM. I think he re-bought three or four times…with a 100.00 max buy-in that can get pricey. To his left was the dealer or dealers…they switched every hour…and collected the 5.00 per hour rake when they sat down. This was much better than the rake on the 2-4 limit HE tables that I’ve played at Foxwoods previously. To the Dealers left was a friggin’ nightmare for tight players and easily frazzled players. I realized how tight I play live but I was “Drunk Guy” so he was actually entertaining and tilt inducing for some of the players. This kid (20-something) would “staddle bet” a lot and kept talking as if he was coked out of his head. I think he was your typical Ridlin popping A.D.D. brat when he was younger. Nevertheless he was kind of annoying times but had some interesting tricky plays. His chip stack was small and he was happy to have a few bucks when he left the table at 5:00AM..I think he just likes putting everybody on tilt and being the center of attention.
To his left was the “shaved-head-tattoo-guy”. He liked to make forceful bets with a sort of threatening stare. It was kind of funny because he scared nobody and left at 4:30AM with Nothing! To his left was the “Phil Ivey look-alike guy” who actually resembled Phil in his stack of chips..he must have had at least 1200 in chips when he left at 12:00 and we were at a max 100.00 buy-in table so he left when things got a little crazy. Come to think of it….he resembled the guy in that video by the Fine Young Cannibals…you know the lead singer that says “She drives me crazaayyyyyyayyy”. To his left was a small frail looking 30-ish dude with Space goggles….he was wearing a baseball hat and these ridiculously huge sunglasses and he looked like a fool! He was actually a pretty good player but everybody got quite a chuckle at his “Space-bug” look. He left at around 2:00AM with some chips although not many. For some reason I can hardly remember the guys sitting to his left and my right…I think that a bunch of players jumped in both seats all night…one was a Chinese guy and one was an 50’s-ish guy but nobody sat there for more than a couple of hours. One guy sitting in that seat actually spilled his beer on the table…the card room managers and brushes ran over and asked if we wanted to move but everybody wanted to stay put….there was a few TV’s with the Patriots on them at that point in the night and Tedi Bruschi came back so everybody wanted to keep up with the score and the game in general. How did I do?…I bought in for 100.00 fluctuated up and down for the first few hours…and left with 400.00. I’d say pretty well…considering it was a crazy 1-2 NL table. I’m starting to realize how tight I play live….I must have not of had a high flop-seen ratio. This table was full of characters and I had a great time so I think I’m going to be going down to Foxwoods sometime in the near future again. The world Poker finals were starting this weekend but most of the tourneys were either early in the AM or had qualifiers that seemed easy to get into. I didn’t do any of them…I was just happy to be playing at the table I was at. I think you would have to be staying there for a while to be in one of their tourneys..I got there at 3:30 on Sunday and left at 10:30 AM on Monday so there really wasn’t time to plan a tourney into my stay. Had a hangover when I left with 300.00 more than I started with so the last two times at Foxwoods I’ve left with about 1500.00 of their money. The 1200.00 from the previous visit was all from Blackjack and that was a whole different story.

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