Sunday, November 20, 2005

Football Sunday

I'm kicking serious ass in my fantasy football leagues. I had the foresight to pick up Larry Johnson from the Chiefs because I knew that Priest Holmes wouldn't play the whole season. (Sigh) it's tough being this good. Those Philly Eagles really suck...I feel bad for D. McNabb he's too good to have to deal with Drew Rosenhouse..Or T. O. My Patriots are doing well today...We as N.E. Fans are very fortunate for having a team and a coach dedicated to winning.

Not much in the Poker scene lately..Although I will probably be playing online at PokerStars while this is going on at 7:00 PM tonight on "60 Minutes". Here we go again...I-gaming is illegal..blahblahblah..I think they should separate online poker from their argument..It's just not the same as slots or roulette or whatever other games are played online. However..My experience is that it is a lot easier to call a bet with an A-7 offsuit online than it is at a table with someone staring at you with a large chipstack and others to act behind you.
I'm getting itchy for a home game really soon. I'll have to get something going on the Thanksgiving weekend. Happy Turkey-Day to all..

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