Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Donkey Days

And I always thought this would beThe land of milk and honeyOh but I come to find out that its all hate and moneyAnd there's a canopy of greed holding me down
…..Tones of Home (Blind Melon)

I played really late on Sunday night…1:30AM…late for me because of my 9-5 job.  The reason?....a 1.00 entry fee to PokerStars Limit Seven Card stud MTT. I really love these low buy-in MTT’s…great practice for the bigger buy-in tourneys. They are also great for learning a different game other than HE (Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo..Omaha Hi/Lo) in a tournament format.  I placed 10th out of 477 for a whopping $5.80…better than nothing I guess. Wait a minute that’s pretty good rate of return for a low-limit hack!

Last night I was tired..but of course not tired enough to ‘not’ fire up the PokerStars NL crack pipe. I buy-in for the max 25.00 to a .10-.25 NL HE table that needed one more player. Within the span of 1 hour I am up 180XBB!! I’m going to have to find these two donkeys that were on the table that gave me 95% of these winnings. Loose/Aggressive players…priceless. There were two hands in particular that amounted to these ridiculous pots that I took down.

  1. I’m in the 8th seat of a full table and get A-Ko (I noticed earlier that one of the two donkeys had A-Ko and raised to 1.00 driving out all 4 limpers)…and raise to 1.00. Everybody folds (3 limpers) except donkey number one. He calls and a flop of K-8-3 off suite falls…I raise another 1.00 and he calls that. The turn is another K….and I raise another 3.00…he re-raises another 10.00! I figure he has K-8 or K-3…he must…right? I go all-in (I can’t fold A-K with a board like that)…he calls immediately and turns up K-10o..I take down a massive pot.

  2. I’m in late position with Ad-As and call the BB along with 5 others…a flop of K-7-x off suite falls. 3 limpers in front check and the guy to my immediate right bets 1.00. I re-raise 5.00….and donkey number two goes all-in…??? I call and he shows A-2o after the turn and river. He didn’t even have a pair or any draw at anything…what a tool.

I will be looking for these two when PokerTracker pulls all the results for this awesome session of low-limit NL.  All I was doing was playing for my latest PokerStars bonus and lo’ and behold I get an early Christmas Present. Happy Turkey-Day to all and to all a good night!!!

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