Monday, December 19, 2005

The Green Goddess Epiphany

I’ve been playing a lot of .10-.25 (NL25) on PokerStars lately…and doing well. Playing a lot of low buy-in MTT’s and not doing well at those. Last weekend I went to UB for a couple of their rebuy satellites and Turbo MTT’s…the last tourney was late at night…12:00 midnight (late for me now) I bubbled out at 8th..the payouts started at 7th. It all started when I picked up A-A with about 15 left. I had a decent chip-stack…I limp and some guy goes all-in with 7-7..of course I’m going to call…I had him covered by 1K…I lose when he flops a set of 7’s. I limp to the final table and a couple of players get knocked out right away…the other guy that flopped the set of sevens gets busted out and I laugh (he actually berated me when his flopped 7’s beat my A-A?) I get J-J under the gun and go all-in…some guy calls with A-A and knocks me out just barely out of the money…AGAIN! My aces go in cycles..Unbeatable for a month…can’t win with them for a month…
Insert T.J. Cloutier comment here…"That’s Poker…take your beat like a man..what are you gonna do?"

I finally cleared my bonus after what seems an eternity. PokerStars is becoming the mother of all Poker Sites. their bonuses don’t run out…so you can take your time and not worry about losing a potential bonus. I would probably do better in the MTT’s if I didn’t drink when I played them…it’s just that their so damn time consuming...or is consuming.
I’m currently fighting off a poker comes to me in the form of a beautiful green goddess and says “Stick to the ring games and you will build your dumb fuck” I drink a few more beers and forget the beautiful green goddess and I proclaim “One day I will win one of these 2,000 plus NL MTT’s!! Green Goddess be gone!! And she disappears in a cloud of green smoke POOF!! I wake up the next day a bit on the hungover side and find out I blew my wad that consists of a 5.00 NL unlimited for first hour rebuy MTT…BITCH!!
Wow I’m getting a little tilty here…must be the Holidays. MERRY CHRISTMAS…if that offends anybody then fuck off…I’m sick of being politically correct…..

How ‘bout them Patriots…HERE THEY COME BITCHES!!!

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