Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Low-limit hack Redux

Excuse my shoes they don't quite fit
They're a special offer and they hurt me a bit
Even my trousers are giving me pain
They were reduced in a sale so I shouldn't complain
They squeeze me so tight so I can't take no more
They're size 28 but I take 34
I'm on a low budget
What did you say
I'm on a low budget
I thought you said that
I'm on a low budget
I'm a cut price person in a low budget land
-The Kinks

I'm back to being the low-limit hack that I'm supposed to be on PokerStars and UB. After the sickness has passed through my house I'm ready to get back to the NL tables. I forayed into the NL MTT's again last weekend and paid for it in Spades!!

NL MTT 10+1 on PokerStars Saturday night (snowed in for the weekend basically)...First hour is raise or fold for small pots....
second hour...dealt K-10 o and a flop of K-K-7 comes...I bet 200...limpers caller...2 on the turn...the one caller bets 400...I call...8 falls on the river...he goes all-in...I call..what does the donkey have? pocket 8's....nice way to begin my night of tourney futility. I guess I should have gone all-in at the turn but I know that he would have called anyway since he had more chips.
Couple more 5.00-10.00 MTT's and more bustouts...
NL rebuy-3.00 on UB...I raise all-in with junk..get called...rebuy a couple more time and go all-in with A-Q...I take a huge pot when two callers go all-in and I'm on my way...60 people started the night but after raising myself to a large chip-stack I get knocked out 17th at 4:00AM..I don't recall the play by play of the hand due to massive amounts of beer but I do remember getting knocked out by some kind of straight draw when I had a set of Q's...sucko...
After getting my balls kicked in for night I go to bed and realize that I haven't cashed in a MTT buy-in above 10.00 in six months or something...I've been doing fine at the $1-3.00 buyins and the $5-10.00 Sit'N'Go's.

"Back to the drawing board" think that saying was made by some riverboat gambler in the mid 1800's or what?

Low-limit NL is and always has been my bread'n'butter for my bankroll. I do occasionally go to the 2-4, 3-6 limit tables but not too often..I haven't played those since my daughter was born over seven months ago...I have no idea why...I think it's probably that I don't keep a large bankroll on multiple sites like I used to. I do occasionally get to Foxwoods and have done quite well when I play live. I made plenty of cash playing both 2-4 limit hold'em and 1-2 NL (Nofoldem HE). I've also cashed in a couple Charity I had to chop with the chip leader for 2nd place cash...believe me I could play a tourney every Monday and Tuesday night but...

Looks like PokerStars is getting almost as popular as Party now...I do believe that it is due to their marketing but there's something to be said for their customer service. It is by far the best of the sites...Hands down...that means a lot to a low-limit hack and breeds listening PartyPoker Pidgeons?

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