Thursday, January 26, 2006

*Cough* been awhile....

Haven't posted for a while....because quite frankly there's not been much to post about. I got the unfortunate news about my cousin who at the age of 49 passed away from complications due to M.S. She had a long and drawn-out 15 year battle with the debilitating disease. I was a pall-bearer at the funeral. Very sad scene...she did however witness her two children grow into adults at 18 and 20. Her older sister also died at the age of 49...a strange and cruel coincidence for my Aunt and Uncle and their other sons and daughters.
Last weekend I caught some stomach virus. I had a swelled brain and a sore ass from sitting on the toilet for 48 hours. I haven't had a cup of coffee, an alcoholic beverage, or any food for about that length of time either. Well I finally feel like a human again and I'm back at work...that's why I'm wasting time posting on this blog...because I'm at work! I have to get back to my quest to win a satellite to a tourney at foxwoods for the Foxwoods Poker Classic.
I think I'll make that a goal...I haven't set a goal for my poker playing this year yet there ya go.

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