Monday, January 30, 2006

Zombies,Alcohol,White Mountains, and Screw your Neighbor!

I went to the White Mountains/North Conway this weekend with some of my buddies. I was intent on skiing….but that didn’t happen. Lots of booze, cards, and zombie movies happened. I own a small Condo in the White Mountains and decided a weekend away from the lovely wife and child was in order. 3 of my friends and I went up on Saturday morning and proceeded to drink a soon as we got up there. The skiing was just a pipe dream anyway. I guess my friend has some issues…he brought every zombie movie from the past couple of years with him. The new Dawn of the Dead was pretty good. He also brought ‘Team America’- Ya…The puppet team fight the terrorists’ movie! I thought it was going to really suck but it was actually hilarious. There is a puppet sex scene that is just WRONG. Abso-fucking-lutely hilarious movie. They proceed to destroy the Hollywood liberal contingent from Michael Moore to Alec Baldwin.

So we get to the place at 12:00 noon and the beers start flowing freely. Watch a few movies hit the bars and then the cards come out. We played ‘Screw your neighbor’ for most of the games…I won the biggest pot. I tried to teach my one friend the “didn’t know” how to play Texas Hold’em but I gave it a go. After watching him get frustrated because he was drunk and wasn’t in a “learnin” mood we decided to go back to “Screw your Neighbor’ A.K.A ‘Pass the Trash’. I guess half a gallon of Jim Beam will kill enough brain cells to become a zombie…and he did. We went back out to the bars after and that was probably a mistake. I forgot my keys in the bar because I was zombified from the 10 hours of alcohol. My friend had to drive us home…we probably should have got a cab. We did however keep most of the bars in the North Conway area very busy that day. My next weekend away is going to be Foxwoods…probably in late Feb. Well what do you know! There is a long weekend coming up on the 20th of Feb. It’s already in the cards!!

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