Saturday, February 04, 2006

Full Tilt Pigeon Fest...

For the record I am going to call Fish/Donkeys....Pigeons from now on because I've been saying pigeon since I was in high school.......Anyway.....

The 25NL or .10-.25 tables were having a firesale on chips last night...pigeons! I bought in for 20.00 and left with 45.50...not bad for a couple of hours of bonus whoring. I also played a couple of low buy-in NL MTT's on PokerStars. Cashed a whole .20 in one! The buy-in was .10 and I figured I'd multi-table on PokerStars and FullTilt. It's not worth the time if you can't multi-table with these low buy-in tourneys. The tables are so noticeably different on Weekend nights compared to weeknights. Even though I toss back the beers while I play I am able to keep my strategies and hand selections steady. Very different than when I first started playing two years ago. I'm cashing in a lot of tourneys but not big cashes or final tables. I think my strategies have improved by leaps and bounds lately but I'm going to have to get more aggressive and take some more chances. After reading some of the tourney strategies on some of the better blogs I've ramped up the aggression. I've won a couple of satellites lately so it seems to be paying off.

Well it's superbowl time again and my Patriots aren't in it...oh well. They will be back next year with a vengeance. So if Pittsburgh doesn't win it this year they NEVER will. I actually like Jerome Bettis..He's one of the good guys. Roethlesberger has really come into his own this year. He manages his team well and doesn't turn the ball over. Hasselbeck has really come into his own also...He's a version of the "good" Brett Favre. They have their work cut out for them with the SeaChickens. Imagine an NFC team with a good chance to win...Hasn't happened for a while.
I would have won my Fantasy Football league this year if I picked Sean Alexander as my first pick..I passed over him..What a moron.

Well I just booked a room at Foxwoods on Feb. 19th. So if anybody reads this...and I'm really not sure if anybody still does....I'll see you at the 1-2 100 buy-in NL tables. Last time I went it was a drunken pigeon fest. I still left +200 but it was my birthday and I wasn't exactly trying to play at an optimum level. I actually played up the drunk thing and it paid off. If the other people see that you are visibly drunk they are more inclined to call. I also added in that I've only played online...that induced tons of "feeler" bets for sure. You can see some of the other guys perk-up around the table when you say things like that. Unfortunately Foxwoods isn't offering any satellite tourneys on Sat. or Sunday. That really sucks...I think I'm ready to try a live 150.00 buy-in satellite NL MTT. I've played plenty of charity tourneys around Mass. in the past two years also. There are plenty of good players out there. Even though we don't have a casino in the general vicinity. Ahhhh.... the wonders of internet poker...Creating great players and easy pigeons....EVERY DAY!

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