Sunday, March 19, 2006

Poker Books and processing info.

I have 5 of the most popular poker books available. One for each aspect of at least Texas Hold'em. Limit, NL, Championship strategy, Satellite strategy, Online strategy, Odds, Theory, Tells etc. I'm currently re-reading Super System for the 'other' card games. I'm almost through the '5-card draw' section by Caro. It is very interesting to re-learn a card game that you grew up playing by the basics. Even though the 5-card draw, lowball, and Hi/Lo sections may be outdated...They contain very valuable info. That one can transfer to other games. I've re-read most of the books that I have and try to gather more info. every time. Repitition is the only way for me to process all the info. that I see and read on a regular basis. I'm not the type that can read a book once and remember every word or concept. Super System requires a lot of info. to process. After I'm done reading Super System again I'll probably look for another book...thinking about Phil Gordon's 'Little Green Book' for my next purchase....I've heard a lot of good things about it. I may want to buy another book on Omaha/Omaha Hi/Lo/Stud/Stud Hi/Lo/Razz....Maybe something that combines these games....Anybody know of a good one?

I realize that one should never stop learning about any particular version of poker but you can also start to understand other card games better. I would like to eventually get good enough at some of the other games to comfortably buy-in at the casino. A well rounded poker player is much better than a specialist.....Any professional will tell you that. Whether it is Poker, Athletics, or Computer Programming. Anybody can buy-in a NL or limit game and feel somewhat comfortable after learning the game and practicing. I think a mix of on-line and live games are a good way to gain the experience you need. I've been playing different types of poker all my life but only in the last two years have I added the on-line variety and Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Hi/Lo etc. I've never tried Triple Draw or Pineapple but what the hell I'm up for learning a new card game any day. For some it only takes a couple of months to become proficient...For most it is probably a couple of years. I think that poker may never be as popular as it has been in recent years but it will never die....only the hipsters and wanna-be's will go broke or go away. This has been documented by Felicia Lee's trials and tribulations of trying to convince people that there is more to Poker than NL Texas Hold'em.

My main problem at the moment is maintaining a bankroll. A bankroll that would be sustainable enough to make a run at the WSOP and still be able to play at Foxwoods/On-line at the limits that I want too. The monthly bills allow a minimum deposit once in a while. I have been playing a lot better as of late. I made a deposit to a couple of sites at the beginning of the year and I am maintaining those balances by getting bonuses and cashing in tourneys here and there.

I've been having a lot of fun playing in the WPBT tourneys recently. I never would have tangled with the guys/girls that are regulars if I didn't think I knew what I was doing....or at least played for a couple of years. I placed 9th in the Pot Limit Omaha one even though it was my first PLO buy-in above those 1-3.00 buy-ins at PokerStars. Speaking of those....there seems to be a lack of people for tonight's WPBT WSOP Satellite by Iggy.....You can actually win in to a 1500 dollar WSOP tourney for 30 bucks!!! Get over there and buy-in at Paradise Poker...NOW!!!!!

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