Monday, March 20, 2006

Paradise Push-Monkeys and the WPBT

The Paradise Poker WPBT/WSOP Satellite went off last night with 69 entries…..huh-huh-huh…69….anyway. I had a lot of fun again and of course I was an unknown…..’DDon33’ for Biggestron’s WPBT updates. I guess I tangled with him on an open-ended straight draw that I bet out…I think we chopped the pot. I have some sort of problem with having the same name on poker sites. I think I have at least 6 different names on different websites. I guess it’s good in one way (preventing people from developing a history)….but mostly annoying to those who need to add up your WPBT standings. I guess ‘CatClock’ won…I donated a good portion of my stack with an ill-timed bluff/re-raise bluff attempt. She was not wavering though and re-raised my re-raise…I put my tail between my legs and fold my A-9o. I don’t know what she had but my guess is A-K….If she showed 2-7o I would have jumped out the window!! Hammers were falling everywhere…I think ‘UpForPoker’ dropped a thousand hammers or so it seemed. I made a big bluff with the “Hammah” but only when I had a big stack….I know what a pussy. I like to bluff with the ‘Jack Hammer’ more so than the “hammah-Hammer”. I was able to build a big-stack for most of the tourney with a couple of full boats. I called a three-bet raise early with Pocket Fives and flopped a set. It was a scary Ah-5h-4c flop but I bet big anyway…I forget who the other guy was but the next card to fall was a 4s to give me a 5’s full o 4’s boat. He bet big and I went all-in. The second full boat was an A-9-x on the flop…I had Ax-9x in the pocket. The other guy…I forget again…went all-in and I called. Another 9 fell on the river and my stack was beginning to reach top 3. I think I bluffed 1/3 of my stack to ‘CatClock’ near the third break. I guess she ended up putting them to good use!! After the third break we shuffled tables and I ended up at one of the last two. My last hand was a good one…but that’s not good enough to continue to the final table. I was the short-stack in the tourney and was being put all-in by everybody at the end. The last hand was a Ks-Qs and I thought “I’m gonna push here…there are fifteen left and I need chips”….much to my chagrin the guy to my right raises. I had the button so I pushed….he had Jx-10x…and all paints fall on the flop. I think the river gave him a straight and I was out at fifteen with the “Anna Kournikova”…pretty but never wins!!! See you at the next WPBT tourney at Full Tilt…..

On another subject…this is a great alternative for people looking for small buy-in tourneys in the MA/NH area…I got to talking to ‘Wonka’ and realized he was from MA also. I was trying to explain to him some of the local tourneys that I play but he got moved mid-sentence on one of the last two tables last night…anyway here is the link/site I was trying to tell you about …..they are run by

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