Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Fathers Day...Couldn't play

I tried to get back in time for the PokerStars WBC tourney but much to my chagrin I was blinded out at 999. I had a great time though...I was at my brother-in-laws Country Club pool. They served beer so I was happy. It was like a giant pool party and you couldn't step anywhere without a rugrat...including my own daughter. She already loves the water. This should be a fun summer...I didn't go to the beach last year for the first time in my life. We'll see if she likes the ocean as much as the pool when I go on vacation in August.

I guess my quest for the WSOP is nearing an abrupt end. No Vegas and No WSOP make Dave a dull boy. The closest I came was making the final table of the WPBT NL Sat. I got knocked out eighth or something like that. My play with TPTK killed me. I'll just have to start up the new poker league in a couple of Thursdays at the local bar and continue my slaughter of the bar pigeons.

However, I am going to Foxwoods this Saturday. It's our third anniversary. I asked my wife "where or what do you want to go/do?"......"Let's go to Foxwoods!"....That's all I needed to hear. So by the time 8:00PM rolls around I'll be lurking in the newly configured Poker room. I'll try to qualify for the World Poker Finals...Yeah that's it...Someday....

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