Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Gamboooling at Foxwoods

Last week:
  1. Kid got a cold…sleep is all messed up for her and both of us.

  2. Had anniversary with wife (3rd) last Saturday…asked what she wanted to do…”Lets go to Foxwoods” she says,…”OK!” says I…..so the mother-in-law babysat overnight for the first time ever.

  3. Couldn’t play the WPBT Razz event (‘lucko21’ won again? Me thinks he is seriously on top of his game right now!) due to my late night poker haunt at Foxwoods the night before.

  4. Haven’t deposited any money online and haven’t really played online for a couple of weeks for anything substantial. Not really missing it since I failed to qualify for the WSOP.

This week:
  1. The new NL Hold’em bar league starts this week and I’m ready to make a serious run at making it every Thursday. I found out the payoff for the top ten in the league is a huge prize pooled STT!

  2. Catch up on sleep.

  3. Lament the fact I am not going to the WPBT Summer Classic or the WSOP.

After dinner I went to hang out with the wife at the slot machines…I pop 20.00 in the machine next to her and after 4-5 spins I win 56.00. Not bad for 5 minutes. I cashed out the ticket and proceeded to make my way towards the new poker room. But before I got there I stopped at a roulette table. I usually don’t play house edge games but I couldn’t resist putting the 50.00 I just won on a high percentage bet. I put all 50.00 on Black and a Black number falls. I double up to 100.00 in a matter of a half hour on –EV games…gotta love that. The table spinner or croupier or whatever the fuck they are called was ignoring me….”take the 100.00 down and give it to me please”….nothing…she ignores me. I started to yell at her because she was going to spin the wheel and the pit boss came running over. “What’s going on?” he asks…I said “She won’t take the 100.00 on black….I want to take it and leave”….he gets her to take it down and give it to me…she looks at me like I was taking her first-born child! I don’t need the fucking attitude bitch! Just gimme my money….I thought. It’s about 9:30 PM now and time for me to check the new poker room out.

I like the new poker room at Foxwoods…but there is one really bad factor. There is nowhere to get a drink (alcohol) in the new poker room! That really sucks for someone who likes to get a few while waiting a half hour. There is a cafeteria setup for food and non-alcoholic beverages…but who cares. The old poker room upstairs (now a virtual sea of slot machines) had a large sports bar/horse betting area right next to the poker room. A place where you can get a drink…. wait for your name to be announced or to appear on the board.  After waiting about a half hour I was seated at the 1-2 NL table and all was good. I saw a new poker table with an automatic shuffler for the dealer….pretty cool. I also saw a nice cupholder built in to the table….OK…bring me a drink! What? Where is the waitress? Whaddaya mean she hasn’t been here for a half hour? WTF! I forget about that for a while and the table fills with players….loose…aggressive….fun…players.  That new card shuffler sure does a good job of shuffling….I didn’t get a great hand for at least an hour…I swear. I take a couple of pots but I really didn’t get any hands at all. After about two hours I get my favorite hand…two red kings. I didn’t know it but some kid on the other side of the table had pocket Aces. I led out under the gun with a 15.00 bet. Everybody folds and he just calls. It’s me and him in a pot… (Ax-2d-5d) falls. Shit! Damn ace I thought…I led out with a 10.00 bet…he raises to 30.00. I figured he must have an ace to call a 15.00 bet cold pre-flop. Sure enough I fold and he shows his set of aces…the only time in 2.5 hours I get a real hand and someone gets pocket rockets. His bet kept me from sneaking into a diamond flush draw….sometimes you just have to let go.
When the damn waitress finally starts to serve some drinks after much complaint from the table the fun started. I tip every time I’m at Foxwoods for every single drink but they don’t have enough waitresses…it’s really fucking annoying. Anyway, after another hour the table starts to get loud and the gambling really got loose. I was up and down all night….but damn I had a good time. It’s the first time I had to rebuy more than once at the 1-2 NL tables and the first time I walked away without at least +100.00 more than I went with. I left at probably -50.00….also a first. I still had a good time and thought I played well for the small amount of good hands that were dealt. There were a few people from Massachusetts so we had some good natured trash talk going on. I guess I was just in the mood to gambooool!

I jumped onto a 15.00 BlackJack (lucky sevens) table while waiting for the wife to get ready to go home (You can’t find anything less than a 25.00 table until Sunday morning now that everybody in the world apparently has money to burn).  I was quickly down from 150.00 to 29.00! ( I tried a couple of those ‘sucker bet’ 1.00 dollar antes for the 7’s…It actually worked for me last year when I attempted to card count and I hit the 3-7’s for 500.00) I put 25.00 down and announced “Well that was fun!”….BlackJack! I went on a run and soon my chip stack was up to 225.00. The guy next to me looked at me like I had two heads. “Nice comeback”….he said. I only made one mistake…and the dealer would have busted! Every time I do that I get yelled at by an Asian lady. Somehow I tank one hand a round and then the crazy Asian lady at the table start in on me. I was made aware by someone why the mistake I made was pretty bad but I always get yelled at by the Asian lady (my last three times at Foxwoods) who’s been there for 24 hours straight and is on some sort of gambling addiction rush. OK…so I made a mistake…Fuck off!

All in all….I still ended the weekend down 50.00 but I had fun.

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Anonymous said...

Hint: if you think the beverage service sucks, you should tell your fellow players to stop treating the waitresses like shit. ;)