Monday, June 05, 2006

Had fun in the H.O.R.S.E WPBT tourney last night....
I've never played Razz online so that was an education...Although I did make most of my chips in Razz! I made the cardinal sin of going all-in with K-K-x-x late in the Omaha Hi/Lo level of the tournament..of course I'm going to get knocked out. I realized that I made a mistake but I was seriously pot-committed. I'm in a respectable 11th place overall in the POY race but I'd be happy just to make some cash. I guess I'll try to get a satellite on FullTilt again....I won a NL satellite a few months back. I just can't justify dropping the cash I used to in the WSOP qualifying-quest. It's a possibility but the only realistic qualifiers would probably be for a Foxwoods WPT/Classic tourney. I can't go to the WPBT summer classic either! Damn...I'm getting depressed here.

My daughter is 13 months old today! Where the hell has the time gone...It really does go by fast. It's a good thing her birthday was 5-5-05 instead of 6-6-06!

I won a buy-in to a 100.00 NL MTT tourney in my home town..I came in 5th out of 45. It's supposed to take place in June so I'll have to get aggressive with these locals. I've done pretty well in the local tournaments...Probably because they are 'live'. I seem to play a better quality of tournament when it is 'live'. Maybe it's the concentration factor. But, I tend to swill beers at a live local tourney like the online tourneys. It just may be the TV in the background that I keep eyeing when I'm not involved in a hand. 'lucko21'of PokerCash may be on to something here....he won another re-buy tourney. He maintains that he wasn't watching the TV in the background like he usually does...and that's what I do. It's starting to make a little more sense.....Congrats to him.

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