Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Godsmacked! Redux

I got into work today..tired from the long weekend. I had a great weekend in the mountains of North Conway, NH. The usually cool weather for Memorial Day weekend was abnormally warm. Brought my laptop with me to play a few tourneys after the wife and kid are fast asleep. I played a 15.00 buy-in NL MTT on Paradise...I still have some cash on there from the first WSOP/WPBT satellite. I saw that Mean Gene and Lifesagrind were also playing this particular tourney. I went out at about 37th for a small payout..I think Mean Gene was still going...but it was late and I was tired.

I hope everybody took a few moments to reflect on what this past weekend actually means...After all....we are lucky to be where we are as a nation today. Everybody has a relative that was or is currently involved in a war. If it wasn't for those who have served, sacrificed, and died we might be speaking a different language and/or not have the right of free speech that we take for granted.

So I'm back at work today and I find this article on PokerPages. This is a reminder of the the Charity tournament I played at a Castle in Haverhill, MA. I bought in for 150.00 and did a add-on for 50.00...this is right before the rebuy thing was made Illegal buy our Attorney General in MA. Poker and Miscellaneous Stuff: Godsmacked!!!! is the post of the brutal slow motion rockstar suck-out that knocked me out of the tournament at about 14 or 15th out of 85.

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