Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Hotter than Hell

I went to the Red Sox game last night and it was about 9,000 degrees. Rookie lefty Jason Lester pitched a 1-hit shutout. It was the awful K.C. Royals...but hey....this kid is going to be the next great lefty in the Major Leagues. It's looking like another classic pennant race is starting to flesh out. It's going to be a pretty good week for me entertainment-wise. 1 million degree Red Sox game on Tuesday (last night...had a draft beer headache this morning at work)....Thursday night poker league at the bar.....Black Crowes concert Sunday night at the Tweeter Center (outdoor venue). I hope it's not 9,000 degrees for that show. I haven't traveled anywhere since my daughter was born but my parents offered to babysit for a weekend in the fall. We're going to NYC...the home of the dreaded Yankees and Dr. Pauly. The wife hooked us up with these incredible seats behind home plate.....a 1:00 game Sox vs. Yanks!!! Woohoo!! I think we may be staying in Times Square also. JetBlue tickets for 200.00...round trip. I know I'm coming down from Boston but hey....I FUCKING HATE traffic!! I've been through NYC but i've never stayed there and checked out the sites. I think it's Sept. the pennant race is either going to be extremely interesting or nothing at all. I'm pulling for a David Wells perfect game vs. the Yanks in Yankee stadium. Image of the seats is above post. Anyway, that's two months away.....I just realized that i've never been to another major league ballpark. My next destination is going to have to be Wrigley Field in Chicago. I'm watching the PPT on the Travel's a pretty good show. These guys/girls really don't know what the other has.....Pros playing Pros....this will be a true champion. Heimiller just got the Heisman from Phi Nguyen. I'm all over the place here....literally. I've been informed by Felicia Lee that Bob Stupak had a bad motorcycle accident and had drastic reconstructive surgery on his face. I thought his nostrils caved in like Stu Ungars from voluminous cocaine consumption. I was amazed by two things....Bob Stupak's life story....and the fact that somebody actually read my blog.

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