Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I haven't grown up yet.....

I went to see the Black Crowes on Sunday night at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA. It's an outdoor pavilion for those of you who haven't been. I must have gone to a hundred concerts over the years at the venue formerly known as 'Great Woods'. I have to say that the Black Crowes seem to be re-energized and were really on top of their game. They played some new stuff and it sounds great....usually when a headline act decides to play their "New Stuff"....it doesn't go over well. My buddy Joe has been to just about all of the concerts i've been to and more....he lives about 10 miles away from the Tweeter Center. There has been many a concert/crash at Joe's night in the past 15 years. I had Monday off from work so I was getting nice and loaded by drinking a million Bud Lights. I still can't get used to the price of the beers....two 16 ounce beers for 13.00 bucks. It's the same as Fenway park....ridiculous. Even at the age of 35 with a decent paying job and a few bucks in the bank....I'm still in the parking lot chugging as many beers as possible before walking in. I realized then that I still haven't grown up...but I'm still having fun.
I told my wife as I went out the door that I still haven't grown up....she's great though and seems to understand. My daughter has become somewhat clairvoyant....she was jumping and screaming with glee as I pulled into the driveway on Monday. There is no way that she would be able to know this being all of 14.5 months old. She couldn't hear me pull into the driveway or see out the window....so my wife looked outside and sure enough I was in the driveway. I walked inside to find my daughter making the most raucous noise and with a huge smile on her face....I'm lucky. I plan on going to my annual Allman Bros. Concert in late August also at the tweeter center. Here is a humorous story from last years AB concert that also reminded me of a Greatful Dead show from '90. This should be fun.

I went to my Thursday night bar league and played like an aggressive maniac again....and also cashed again....4 out of 8 cashes/tournaments. 5 out of 8 to the final table. I'm back in the top ten with my 4th place finish. I shouldn't have been there but this old guy...looked to be about 75-80....was trying to wait me out. He had a slightly bigger stack than my T1800. The blinds were at 800-1600 and the BB was on my right. I announced "all-in in the dark"....everybody looked at me like I was crazy. I had nothing to lose....even though I didn't look at my cards...I was to be blinded out in two hands after this anyway. The old guy to my left was going to "wait me out"....I couldn't believe he didn't call. The guy with a mountain of chips called of course and the BB called...only 200 more. The flop came down Qx-10x-4x...can't remember the suits! I still didn't look....the turn was another Qx....the river was 8x....The other guys checked it down and the old guy freaks out. "I would have made a straight on the river....SHIT!".....I look at my cards....Qc-9s for trip Queens....BOOM!!! I told the old guy that he has to be aggressive. He goes all-in next hand and gets knocked out in 5th place...."Shoulda called you when you went all-in blind" says the old guy......no shit sherlock.....I thought. There was one kid in the BB that couldn't have been more than 25 years old....he bought me a couple of beers....Jay....Drunk Jay....he had to get up at 5:00AM the next morning...it was 12:30AM when I got knocked out 4th. He must have had one nasty hangover. I was playing like a maniac because I was freerolling at that point....I got the points for the league....and I sucked out on the river earlier in the tournament. Just after the first break I had Ax-Kx....I raised 3X the BB (100) and was called by one. a flop of Ax-Qx-4x falls.....the guy that called me goes into the thinktank....he knocked me out a couple of weeks before that by calling my all-in (K-K) with his pocket 5's and caught his set on the river. Anyway, he goes all-in for T1075....I had T1000....I called. Much to my chagrin I notice he has two pair (A-4o) and I have A's with a king kicker....I was dealing at the time....blank on the river....and then BAM! King on the river....dealt myself a winner. If I make the final table this week I'll move into the top 5 easily. Stay aggressive and win.


StB said...

Drinking as much beer as you can before any concert/sporting event is not acting like a kid, it is acting like a proper drinker. Job well done, excpet for it being Bud Light. Why not try beer?

PokahDave said...

I've been doing for years...drinking heavily before the concert. Its more of a realization on my part that things don't change.I would take a Bud Light IV if could....mainlining Bud Light...yeah that's it.