Friday, July 07, 2006

Pocket J's conundrum and the NH confrontation

I played my Thursday night NL HE league at the local bar last night. I was dealt Jh-Js under the gun. Most would call here I think but this is before the first break and it was time to take a pot with a good bet. I bet 300 the blinds were 50-100. The lady on the table raised to 600. I called and a flop of Ts-8x-3x falls. I have an over pair so I bet 600. She calls. 5x falls...At this point I'm screwed...I check and she checks...a Tx falls on the river. I checked...I thought she was going to bet big with a ten or something but she checked and turned over Aces. I really hate J's. I will probably just call with them in early position from now on. It was one of those nights where nothing really went right. I catch a pocket pair some gets a higher pocket pair. Later on I get Kh-Ks under the gun and I'm in early position again. I need chips with only 600 left and the blinds at 150-300. I went all-in of course. One guy calls with pocket 5's and wouldn't you know it....a 5 on the turn. Pocket fives is supposed to be my lucky hand. I was out before the first break.

I did just order a couple of books. I'm sick of getting yelled at by some old drunk asian lady when I play BlackJack at Foxwoods so I bought a book. I ordered 'BlackJack Bluebook II:the simplest winning strategies every published by Fred Renzey. I've had some good results playing at foxwoods for the most part but its time to arm myself with some real BlackJack knowledge. I also ordered 'Phil Gordon's Little Green Book : Lessons and Teachings in No Limit Texas Hold'em'...This should be good for reading when I'm on vacation later on this summer. I'll be at Salisbury beach in Massachusetts for a week. Lo' and behold there are tournaments and cash games at the Seabrook Greyhound park run by these guys.

Last weekend I went up to my condo in North Conway, NH. I had a great time...I also brought the laptop for some late-night poker tournaments. I placed 34th out of 350 in the PL Omaha 5.00 buy-in on PokerStars. I got a whopping 3.50 profit for my troubles...but it was an entertaining tournament anyway. Went through most of the weekend having fun. But, on Monday I almost got into a fight with some asshole from NH. ( I don't have a problem with anybody from NH...In fact I have a lot of friends there and I live about 6 miles away from the border) We were getting ready to leave McDonald's after eating. My wife was in the process of putting my 14 month old daughter in the baby seat in the back passenger side of the Nissan XTerra. The guy in the SUV next to us decides that he has to back out at this very moment and couldn't wait for 5 seconds. He says something to my wife that I didn't hear. Apparently he said "You better shut that door before I take it off!"....while she is still in the process of buckling my daughter into the baby seat. She called him an "asshole" under her breath...just loud enough for him to hear. At this point I notice something going on and I get back out of the drivers side door and step around the back of my XTerra. The guy is just starting to argue with my wife as I walk around the back and he is parked perpendicular to my SUV in the back. At this point I ask "what's the problem"...I could read his face even though he had a baseball hat and sunglasses on. He decides to basically make up an excuse for why he pulled out and was pretty rude to my wife. He says...."She hit my car with the door" wife is really pissed off at this point and calls him a "Lying asshole" to his face. I look at the door...look at my wife...and I believe my wife. I said "I believe that she did not hit you car with the door....and besides that she was putting my baby in the baby seat!". He blurts out "YOU PEOPLE think you can do anything you want up here!" face turns a shade of red. When I get really pissed-off or embarrassed my face turns red...or so I'm told. I said (moving closer to his window with my fist clenched)"I don't know what kind of agenda you have against Massachusetts people but I own a condo up here.....and if you think I'm going to let you talk to my wife like that....WHILE SHE'S PUTTING THE BABY IN THE BABYSEAT...then you are mistaken. STEP OUTSIDE THE CAR AND WE'LL SETTLE THIS! (It's a good thing he didn't step out or didn't brandish a weapon or something....because someone was going to get hurt) He could tell I wasn't bluffing....he drove away...I told him to go "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"'s the only thing I could think of at the moment and he decided to give me the finger as he 'pussied' his way out the parking lot. That's the first time i've ever been in an argument/fight with somebody over geographic discrimination. Did I mention that his wife/girlfriend was in the passenger side of his car the whole time....didn't here a peep from her. She probably got the brunt of that the NH assholes aggression that night. He couln't beat me up so he'll probably beat her. Lady....I hope you saw the fucktard you are married to or living with in action and came to a logical conclusion. HE IS THE BIGGEST FUCKING LOSER IN THE WORLD!

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