Friday, June 30, 2006

Stop'N'Go stopped cold

I started the new NL HE MTT bar league last night....Made it to the final table AGAIN. 4 out of 5 times I've played I made the final table....3 out of 5 times I've cashed. Even though I didn't make the money this time I made some very valuable League leader points. After 12 weeks the top ten play a NL STT and the prize is about 1200-1400. I'm going to make a serious effort to make every week this time. Last time I only made 4 out of 12 weeks.
I got some chips right before the break...dealt Qs-Qh under the gun...I raised 4 times the BB and some dude puts me all in. The others fold...he has As-Qx...oops. He didn't improve and I started my latest quest for the final table. I had quite a stack after a few blind steals at the final table. I made another mistake by making a few loose calls...somebody either raised big or went all-in. I didn't have enough to call most of them. I just have to remember the pump it or dump it mentality. The small blind pushed beside me and I called with Ad-Qd...he had 7x-7x...I catch a queen. Queens have been good to me so far. Down to 9 at the table...I make another loose call and pay for it bad. I think I had about 4500 left. I figure instead of pushing to steal the blinds I'll try something different. Another guy got knocked out with his pocket 7's by someone with an ace. He was the points leader from the last league.
A couple of hands pass and I'm on the button. I raised to 2500...the blinds were 600SB-1200BB at the time. I figured that the blinds would think I was just pushing with any two and would call anyway. I raised with the intention of pushing no matter what the flop was. I had Qx-8x and the guy that paid me off earlier in the tournament when I pushed with pocket Q's called the from the BB. Much to my chagrin I didn't hit anything on the flop (9x-7x-3x)but I pushed my last 2000 anyway (Raymer's Stop'N'Go technique I believe)..he calls my push with 9x and something else...I was dealing at the time and I didn't deal myself anything on the turn or the river..oh well. I think that I've been mixing up my bets, raised, calls etc. enough to confuse anybody. The results are hard to argue with. I think that guy called my Stop'N'Go steal because he was still steaming from the earlier beat. That's OK....keep calling in the time I'll have the Nuts!

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