Friday, August 04, 2006

At least it's Friday

I couldn't get anything done in the Poker league last night. Come to think of it I haven't had a pair higher than 9's in the past two weeks! The only hand worth repeating is my last....I was in early position with A-9o and I had T600 left (100SB-200BB). I obviously needed chips so I went all-in in second position. The only guy to call was the guy in the BB....but he was the chip-leader. Well, I did get everybody to fold except one person....1 goal accomplished He called without looking at his cards...2 goals accomplished. He turns over a pocket pair...6's. I didn't improve and his 6's were good. I needed him to call and I needed an A or a 9 to double up+Blinds. Oh well, 4 of 10 cashes...5 of 10 to the final table. Still a great ratio.

Looking forward to the weekend...then one more week of work next week....then I go on a week of vacation. Back to the beach.

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