Thursday, August 03, 2006


Mikes Hard Lemonade beats the heat! It's true! I sat in front of my new programmable AC unit and had a few *cough* while playing some STT's on PokerStars.

The Red Sox are settling in for a long battle with the Yanks....again. We all knew they couldn't just go and win the division....that wouldn't be any fun would it? It's just bound to be a race for the ages again. I can only hope for a special game when I go to Yankee Stadium on Sept. 15th.

The Bar league is tonight...I need to final table to make contend for the final tourney. If I just play the exact opposite way I played last week I should be fine...

The WSOP final event is progressing along without most of the favorites...IMO...12 fucking million dollars to the winner....can you imagine the final display of the money....un-fucking-believable.

Looking forward to drafting my fantasy football leagues soon....should be playing for some cash....I cleaned up in 2004. I won two leagues (ESPN, yahoo) and played the championship game in another ESPN league...but lost by a few points.

Massachusetts politics have to be the laughing stock of the United States....I mean the 'Big Dig' is bad enough but we also have liberal center of the universe. I work in the center of the center of the liberal universe....Cambridge. Lucky me. You have to be politically connected to get anything done around this city and's exasperating. I would lose it if I had to pay a toll to get to work least I have that going for me. Just a thought but this city (Boston) is going to die if everybody from the age of 20-35 moves out of state.....but they (politicians) don't care. As long as they, their relatives, their close friends are sucking off the public dole the city and state will continue to sink into an abyss of taxes and hackery.

Is it me or is public FM radio pushing everybody to satellite radio on purpose? Every fucking station has some dipshit comedy team or talk-wannabe on the dial. If I wanted to listen to political commentary I would listen to talk-radio on the AM side of the dial. FM radio is done. Between the commercials and the talk they play the same list of songs over and sucks. I spend a lot of time listening to talk-radio now because I don't want to hear the fucking Foo-Farters twenty times during my commute. Done ranting for the day....stay cool.

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