Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hindsight (and handhistories) is/are 20-20

Well....Look at how upset I was the other night in my post immediately after getting knocked out of the rebuy tourney. I look at the hand history and I screwed myself out of a huge pot. Not to mention let myself get knocked out of the rebuy tourney on Stars. I flopped the nut flush holding Ad-Kd. Flop was Jd-10d-4d. I decide in my drunken wisdom to slowplay and drag a huge amount of chips from my unsuspecting victim. Apparently he had 9d-8d....see where this is going? The turn of 7d gave hime the mortal nuts! There was also a 10 on the river that could have given him a boat but I was significantly invested after raising and calling his re-raise. He also went all-in after the I called like a moron. With that pot I would have vaulted into the top 20 but I slowplayed myself out of the tourney. I guess I'll have to look forward to 'live' poker tonight at the bar and next week at the Seabrook Greyhound park. I'm on vacation next week.....back to the beach bitches!!!


StB said...

He probably would have called had you pushed on the flop. You were pretty much going to lose this pot no matter what unless you were folding.

Do you really think he would think, hey he may have the A high flush?

You got unlucky and took a beat.

Chilly said...

putting him on the Str8 Flush is monsters under the bed. There are very few players that don't stack off here. By very few I mean less than 10 in the world.

PokahDave said...


I know guys...he would have certainly called me even if I went all-in after the flop. He probably would have called me if I went all-in pre-flop...He had me covered with almost double my stack. Just another frustrating tourney result.