Sunday, September 03, 2006

Poker Tournaments

I've been playing a lot of tourneys on PokerStars lately and the results have been really good. I took second in one of those 180 Sit'n'gos last night...after 4.5 hours I got a nice little 144.00 for a 4.40 buy-in....good stuff. The heads-up battle at the end lasted something like an hour. I lost on a draw to a flush with my 2h-4h and two hearts on the board. Too bad the pokerDB doesn't show Sit'n'Go results. I think my ROI is ridiculous on the 4.40 tourneys since I entered 4 and got a first and a second place finish out of them.

The bar league tourneys haven't been going too well as of late though. I did at least get some good points this past week but I have only two weeks left to crack the top ten. I think I'm probably in 13th or 14th right now. This past week I was short-stacked under the gun..I had Jd-10d and had to go all-in. The Blinds were at 200-400 so I was in need of getting one caller and then getting lucky. I had the one caller and two diamonds fell but not my flush. Oh progress so far is 6 of 13 final tables and 5 of 13 cashes.

The RedSox have shit the bed officially. Too bad they had to be that way this year...I'm going to NY City/Yankee Stadium for a weekend trip. I think I'll be there for the 1:00 PM game on Sept. 16th. They'll have to play the role of spoiler this year I guess. The Patriots are going to have to save my sports year.

This Sept. is going to be a busy one. I finish the bar league. I play a 100.00 buy-in at the Sons of Italy on Sept. 23rd. I think I still have a 2.5 Million PokerStars freeroll (second round) next Sat. Among other poker things. I'm going to enjoy the NYC atmosphere from Sept. 15th to the 17th. End of Summer isn't so bad afterall!

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