Friday, September 08, 2006


Things didn’t go as planned at the bar league tourney last night. I know its 40 bucks a week but it still hurts not being in the top ten for the final STT. I’ll have to really kick ass in the final week. I think I’m in 13th or 14th. Last nights tourney was going well until I got moved to a different table. I bled some of my chip stack on a bad bluff. I raised 2.5 the BB and some guy with Ax-9x went all-in…I should have seen it coming but there were about 20 left at this point. I decided to save it for a play later. I also wasn’t paying attention and threw my cards into the muck while I was in the BB…stupid…stupid…mistake. I had about T2500 left and decided now that there were 17 left that I would make an all-in bluff to force the limper and blinds out…with Ac-3s (what…A-3o?). It worked for the blinds but not the limper-dummy. He called my all-in with A-6o…hey what the hell he’s got nothing to lose right? I’ve knocked him out of the tourney one week….and I think he got me on another week. WTF are you doing calling all-in with A-6o? So he spikes a 6 and takes away half of my T2500. Two hands later I have 6x-6x in the third spot from the BB and went all-in again….BB calls with 7-8o and spikes an 8 to end my night. I had to get aggressive exactly when I did to make the final table but it didn’t work last night. I could have folded my way to the final table but that’s the pussy way out.

Things are going well for me on PokerStars…who says you can’t build a bankroll on tournaments alone? I’ve been playing a lot of STT’s again and the results are great. I recently moved to a new Compaq Presario so I’ll have to figure out how to move my PokerTracker database to the new PC. I’m having a tough time keeping both laptop PC’s attached to my wireless router at home. It seems like I can only have one at a time. I’ve been through the configuration a couple of times and everything is correct. It still won’t accept both wireless laptops at the same time. I’m sick of fucking around with it though. The old HP Omnibook that I have has served me well…but it’s time to put that one to rest. The new Compaq has 1 GB of RAM among other things that I ordered. I can play an MTT now without worrying about my HP crashing. It developed this problem where the power cuts out and it freezes. I figured it out when I jostled the power connection on the back and the power lit back up again. It crashed a couple of months ago when I was 14th in chips in a PokerStars 6.00 buy-in MTT. It wasn’t a big deal that I was involved in a small buy-in tourney but I was 14th in chips at the time it crashed and there were over 1,000 players. By the time I got it back up and running I was blinded out in 10th place. I missed my first 1,000+ person final table because my fucking PC crashed. Well, I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

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