Friday, November 10, 2006

Fantasy & Reality

Fantasy Sports that is :

Thank God the NFL is Back Standings

DDamage Inc. 9 0 0 1.000
Boston Nailz 5 4 0 .556
EmoKid Killer 5 4 0 .556
NR Hornets 4 5 0 .444
2 Off. Lines 4 5 0 .444

THE SANDMAN 6 3 0 .667
Wide Right 4 5 0 .444
Bolton Deep Ballers 4 5 0 .444
Scott Sucks 2 7 0 .222
Chelmsford XB Ballers 2 7 0 .222

9-0....that's right...ESPN fantasy footballers take stoppin' this train!

Reality :

Teh people have spoken....Dems it is across the board and soon to be across the U.S. in '08.
I am concerned with the future of Massachusetts and the U.S. but what am I going to do about it now? I voted so I'll go with the results. I read a great post about the Reality of the that I cannot control but I will live with. Special K puts it all in perspective like I wanted to but couldn't...

Lately i've been playing a lot of low buy-in tourneys at UB and PokerStars. I forgot how much I love playing those. I'll mix in a 10.00-25.00 buy-in now and then with pretty good results also. The more experience I get with these the better the results...again....patience is 'King'. The key to these huge-field tourneys is patience. I also tried Bodog in the past couple of weeks...I hate the software...I don't know maybe I just hate the software crashing on me in the middle of a big hand in a tournament. It has happened to me in the past on UB but it looks like those problems are past. I'm going to have to exercise some patience this weekend if I decide to play in the WPBT Stud/8 tourney. Lately i've been pretty aggressive with some bad results...we'll see. Last Saturday I drank keg beer at my buddies house and then attacked the Bud Light 16oz. Aluminum bottles...they went down so fast. I think I must've had 20 beers by the end of the night when I got knocked out of the 20.00+2.00 NL tourney on Stars. I got knocked out in 29th place....I can't really remember with what. I would have made the final table if I wasn't so tanked. I'm going to have to watch that when I get deep into a tourney like that...I could have cost myself a bunch of potential money.

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