Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thanksgiving/Turkey Day

Whether you prefer saying "Happy Thanksgiving" or "Happy Turkey-Day" I say "Happy Four-Day weekend" as well. I am thankful for everything in my life...especially my wife and daughter....they are the world to me. In addition I say "Thanks" for all of the following :

My cat 'Bruin'
Beer (oh,how I do love thee)
Poker (all its variations live or on-line)
Sports (Real and fantasy ESPN football team is 10-0-1...the tie is only because I had D. McNabb and M. Colston on my decimated team last week)
The new 'card room' at the old Horse Track that my Grandfather used to bring me to...which is only about 5 miles away from my house....Woohoo!!
Bad Beats on PokerStars and UltimateBet to keep me humble. Download from the latter links to keep my degeneracy alive and the Bad Beats coming....
The N.E. Patriots read other's opinions about stuff that I am interested in....and to give me a place to vent.
The U.S.A. - I mean really...if you can't deal with the laws we have here then get the fuck out........
Talk Radio....for being some of the only sane people in this world......
Canada...for Hockey and Don Cherry...he's a freakin' riot....


biggestron said...

Don Cherry is every Canadian's favourite hockey curmudgeon! How can you not admire a man that can pull off those collars with style?

Those tournies at Rockingham Park look like fun. Maybe we can meet up at one - let me know if they are any good.

PokahDave said...


I'll be there today for the 5:30 40.00+Rebuy tourney. I'll probably be there earlier to do some ring HE or Omaha. If you go up there I'll be the one wearing a BoSox hat....then again so will a hundred other people...hope to see you there's a lot closer than Foxwoods!