Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I Bubbled again...

This time in the WWdN. I'm on a bubble streak like never before. 4 tournaments in the past month including one live charity tourney. It seems like there is one critical mistake that does me in each time and dooms me to the dreaded bubble. This time I had 'Astin' sitting to my right...I had 9x-4x0 and a flop of Qx-6x-Qx fell. I was in the BB so I had to check. He/She checked and a 9x fell on the turn. I checked just in case and 'Astin' went all in with about T4,500 to my T4,200. I figured the button was coming soon and 'Astin' may be slow playing a Queen. I folded. Big mistake. 'Wigginx' raised just about every hand after that. I lost a pot and was down to 1,800 soon after. My last hand I had Ah-3h..inst-push into the BB. He has As-Ks...and I am toast. Out 6th on the bubble. This was extremely frustrating and I shut the PC down and crashed in bed. I couldn't stick around for the 'ITM' play and after....I was sick and tired. I thought I played well but that's poker. Easy money some of the time....Dead money some of the time....never easy money all the time. I see that there are a couple of players from the N.E. area on these tourneys...I know about 'Hammerlovers' blog but I wonder if xlm25...something or other has one. He's from Nashua, NH...give me an email. ( Maybe someday we can venture out to Vegas for the WPBT summer classic or something. I really want to get out to meet some of these other bloggers....and I don't want to look like a total fucking Noob that doesn't know anybody.
My daughter was still awake for the first hour and I couldn't fully pay attention. It's another one of my 'Don't do' list of things for Poker. That is play poker while the daughter is sick or not sleeping. She fell asleep well before the first break and I was able to concentrate. I don't do this often...especially lately since she has been sick with another ear-infection. The past two weeks have been interesting and tough. This is the second ear-infection in the past 6 months. The last time my wife and I were at the hospital until 4:30 AM. This time however we at least knew what we were in for. So anyway, since she was feeling better I was really looking forward to this tourney. I was playing very well after the first hour and soon made my way to the final table. I doubled up at the final table but a bad bluff and a non-call sealed my bubble-fate again. I think every tourney player must go through this phase...before they start winning them. Money is a little tight lately also so I'm not sure if I'll be playing on PStars until the holidays are over. I've been playing a lot of UB tourneys but funds aren't exactly being replenished with a healthy win rate.
I'm breaking tradition this year for Christmas....I'll be at foxwoods! My wife is from the south shore of Mass. and usually we go from her mothers house back up north to my parents house on the way back to our own house. BUT NOT THIS YEAR!!! My daughter will be able to spend quality time with her grandmother and my wife and I will be headed for the Woods! I'll see my whole family on Christmas eve anyway...why see them all day for two days in a row? If anybody is looking to play some poker at foxwoods on Christmas night then send an email and I'll meet you in the poker room eventually (probably after 8:00PM).
Miscellany : Red Sox (spending like a drunken sailor on shore leave) have been making the right moves for this season. Bullpen improvement-Top notch. Outfield improvement-Very nice (if Nancy Drew's shoulder is medically sound and can play more than Trot). Starting pitching-Top Notch! Lineup-Top Notch! Defense-not so much (but it didn't do much for them last year or the year that they won the World Series. Spend away! It's not my money....and it already is the most expensive seat in MLB. I really like the fact that the Sox are making in-roads to the Japanese market. The Dice-Man cometh!!! The Pats are looking good and headed to the playoffs again. Once again...I trust Bill. He has earned the right to make a couple of mistakes. He is to football what the Dice-Man is to Japanese baseball.....DOMINANT! I haven't played any live poker for a while (except of course the Rebuy tourney that I bubbled at Rockingham Park in NH) and I am looking forward to playing the degenerates that will be at Foxwoods on Christmas night (except for me I'm no degenerate just dedicated). I guess it's been a while since I last posted. There's just so much interesting stuff to read on the internet/blogs etc. Check into that Brandy Hawbaker/Capt. Tom Franklin/'Dutch' Boyd fiasco....fascinating stuff....perfect fodder for Pauly to elaborate on.

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