Friday, December 08, 2006

New Look same content

What do you think of the spiffy new template for the blog? Who am I asking? I think maybe one or two people may see this...anyways....

I got sick of the old look on Pokerandmisc so here you go. Go tell everybody...PokahDave is ready! Ready to post the same old bad beats and miscellaneous crap. I've been playing a lot of low buy-in tourneys on UB and PStars. I tried the 3 RB on PStars last night...I didn't make the money but I lost some of course. I also bubbled the 1.00 RB on UB...out at 61....60 get paid...but only 6.30 or something. I had A-10c....and I was the short stack...what the hell else am I going to do? Fold? Lately i've been trying to blast through the's nerve wracking without a big stack but I used to fold to the money. This is where I need some around the money bubble. I do think that one final table in a big tournament is worth a hundred small cashes so we'll see how this turns out. I guess I'll be able to play quite a few since I'm NOT IN VEGAS! I actually may be at Rockingham Park this Sunday to get in some live poker. I bubbled the 40.00 rebuy last time I was there...6th place out of 50-5 places paid...sigh. Just remember 1 final table in a large tourney is better than 100 ITM's.

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