Tuesday, March 20, 2007

2nd place in the Wheatie....details tomorrow

Last nights WWdN: weekly NLHE tourney (what happened to the name bounty?) was crazy. I saw the eventual 3rd place finisher get a royal flush...not sure about the specifics because I could only stare in awe of the royal. I've seen two in the last week in different tourneys. BTW I post these second and third place finishes because I haven't won an MTT in a long time. The last time I actually came in first was last year for a satellite tourney on Full Tilt. I doubled up halfway through the tournament with A-Jo....After my steal was called and a flop of Ax-Kx-Jx.....runner runner J's fell and I was on my way. Anyway, there was one key hand that got me a big chip stack. My As-Ac versus Soxlovers Kh-Ks I think. We got it all-in before the flop of course....and a Kx-Qx-9x fell on the flop. I was dead to either an ace of runner-runner straight cards. Ad on the turn and I was good to go. Besides the royal flush...that was the biggest hand in the tournament (Sorry Sox !) as he was in the top five for a good hour and a half. ISS Spock (usually a big stack or out early) stayed in first for most of the tournament. He had my number for the whole of the final table. Every time I tried to steal he paired the board or had a better hand. I stayed away from him until we got down to three. I doubled though him when I flopped top pair...he had second pair and pushed. I thought for a while and called. So I had the chip lead for a short time and of course....Spock with his Vulcan mind tricks took it back. The second to last hand heads up was a glimpse of some bad play by me. I flopped second pair with a 10d-Ad. Spock flopped top two pair Q's and 10's and called my small feeler/blocker bets. He raised on the river and me being stubborn called and lost. I only had about T13,500 at this point. The last hand I had Ac-8h and pushed. He called with pocket 3's and took it down. This tournament is such a mine-field. I just can't stop playing it.....

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