Sunday, March 18, 2007

Crazy hand at foxwoods

I played for about 4.5 hours on a 1-2 NL (300-max buy-in) table at Foxwoods. That's about half the time I usually play when I go there overnight. I left down about 50 and all things considered...could have been a lot more. I got out of a hand that was the craziest I've ever seen.
There were five people in the hand pre-flop....and four including me at the flop. I had 10x-10x. There were no flush draws or flushes at the end so I won't include suits. I was under the gun with my pocket tens. I raised it to 12 which was standard for the night. There was a guy two seats to my left (later found out to have K's) called. Another guy called with something like Ax-8x late position (Pocket K's were cracked countless times...I was bluffed off of them when a flop of Ax-8x-8x fell. I checked because the guy called my raise of 13....had to have an ace right? He said he had pocket J's so that was one hand I should have bet after the flop. But seriously I saw K's get cracked about 6 times in brutal fashion). Guy in the SB calls....and then the guy in the BB calls as well. The was at 60 and a flop of Ax-Kx-10x falls. I checked my set of tens. Guy to my left bets 15....guy in late position calls 15....guy in SB (pocket J's) thinks for a while and goes all in for about a total of 60. The guy in the BB insta-calls for about his last 45. The pot is now at T195. I fold. Guy to my left with Pocket K's calls for 60. Guy in late position folds. and with both the blinds all in and one other person with chips the pot was at a total of 255. Everybody flips over their cards and the BB flips of Jx-Qx off suite....Big Blind Special! The turn and river were a Jx and and an 8x....I guess the guy that went all-in with Pocket J's was all pissed off. I mean why would you go all-in on a flop of Ax-Kx-10x with pocket J's? The BB was loving it until I later cracked his K's with a full house of 9's full of 5's. Anyway a flopped Broadway straight over a set of K's and a set of J's...and if I didn't fold my hand a set of 10's as well. That was definitely the most crazy non-tournament hand I've ever been involved with.

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