Friday, March 02, 2007

CC's Thursday Bash

As you can see I didn't win...but 2nd place ain't bad.
CC played like a monster and just for good measure got hit in the face with monster hand after monster hand. This is the first CC Bash that I've played and probably not the last. The play is very different than for instance...the WWdN. It is similar to the Mookie....which I played for the first time this week also. I think Hoy talked about the difference in play between the blogger tourneys.....and he's right. Not that I won't play the WWdN anymore...but....these other tourneys have better play overall. I'm not at the point where I could play MATH every Monday but I may get there soon. There are just too many options now....every night during the week. I hope it all doesn't come to a crashing halt this summer....

Anyway, I raked some great pots with my K's this time. CC
was absolutely crushing it......the only time I made a dent was with my Quad Kings....on the river. I had Kx-Kx heads up and decided to do a little slow play. A King on the flop had me excited but I decided to check. CC bet and I decided to go all-in on the turn.....then a K falls on the river and I doubled to T9,000 or so. CC was still stacked at T21,000. The next hand was a disaster for me and my K-Jo. I don't know what he had but the board was too much and I couldn't force him out with a bet on the turn. I was doomed as my stack was down to T4500. to his T29,000. I don't even recall the last hand and obviously he had a slightly better hand. So I say...NH CC. I'll be sure to check you blog more often. PokerPeaker was tough with the short stack and almost made a ridiculous comeback at the end. I had some fun with both in the chat box. GG's and see you at the Bash again soon.

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