Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Schedule only a Donkey could love

My Poker Schedule the next two weeks.

Sporadic Full Tilt blogger tourneys and STT's or MTT's for tourney tokens.
Sporadic PokerStars blogger tourneys and STT's.....maybe an MTT or two...I can't resist.
Charity/Benefit tourney at Kitty's (It's a restaurant in my old hometown ya dirty-minded bastards!)
Foxwoods on Thursday the 15th overnight to the 16th....woohoo....(wife's request for birthday!)
How am I going to say 'no' to that?

I played the WWdN : invitational last night and got knocked out 12th. I had Aces dealt to me 4 times in the tournament and I just couldn't amass any good sized pots with them. I tried mixing it up with slow play and big bets and big raises but.....the caliber of player was tougher than usual last night. Some of the invitational tourneys have great play like last night...some don't. I'll have to try the Mookie again tonight!

This is also something worth posting.....enjoy.....huh-huh...I said posting....

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