Friday, March 09, 2007

If you think you've seen it all....

You haven't seen bad play until you've been to a charity poker tourney. It's basically impossible to pull off a bluff...let alone make a steal. You better be prepared to go all in if you raise or bluff. I have done quite well at these in the past but this is the first one I've played in a while. I didn't get a pocket pair the whole time. I'm actually amazed I lasted until 30Th!
Anyway....I made the final table and cashed in the Riverchasers NL tournament last night. I was double-tabling CC's Thursday bash and the Riverchasers tournament. I hit trip 2's and quad 2's to triple up with about 20 left. I turned a straight while heads up with some dude. He goes all-in with 3-10 of hearts...because there were two hearts on the board..and he rivers the flush. 10-high.....pretty pathetic...but I still made the final table you fucker!!! Here is an odd picture of both my PStars and FT avatars...with the same exact chip counts. Even thought the tourneys started a half hour apart...I thought i could final table both!

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